Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Awesome NEWS


    I hope you enjoy my blog! You guys are so AMAZING! I have worked very hard on this blog. Thanks to all who have helped me raise all the money for Haiti. I have come so far!
    My SUN CATCHERS got sold out! It was so funny! I had to make a lot more. Luckily my mom got some more beads to make more! I can now make Cats, Dogs, & Fish!

    I hope you enjoy this picture! That's me! (: I edited the picture last night. Took me a long time!
     Thanks To All People Who Have Helped Me Come So Far. It means the world to me! I never thought I would raise over $300.00 dollars! I'm very proud of myself! You guys are the best! I had not been making a lot of money, so one day I started making SUN CATCHERS and then BOOM! I had $14.92 dollars! You guys must really enjoy them! I enjoy making them. Thank You again! (:

       I'm working on NEW BOOKMARKS! I will try to make more likely to sell more... Cause they're just not wanting to sell. So I'm making more for you guys! You can use them for school, Bibles, or books. If you have any good, great, awesome, or amazing bookmark ideas just comment and tell me! (: I'd love to know!
      I hope your week goes great!

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