Monday, August 20, 2012

HEY! Well I have made NEW.... SUN CATCHERS! I'm selling them for $1.00! I have already sold all of them! >_< But don't worry! I'm making more! ;) Thanks to you I have raised over $300.00 dollars! You guys are so AMAZING! I will try to post more often.  Well I want to start.... EDITING PICTURES. If you look at the picture at the bottom of the left you will see how I edit pictures. Here's how I will do it... You will send me a picture(s) via e-mail, I will edit it or them for $2.00 and I will send it back to you! If you want me to put a little message in the picture like I did in the picture below I can do that. You can give me a message to put on there or let me find one to put on it. If you want a certain type of message like Christian or Best Friends I can. (: By the way my e-mail is: All the money goes to Haiti! Next 2 events: Sat. Sept. 8th Gospel Fest (for kids with cancer) Rogersville  and   Sat. Oct. 6th Jam 4 The Lamb at College Square Mall.




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