Friday, November 18, 2011

NEW bookmarks AND video! :)

I'm sorry I took the Video off! Well My pastor wanted it for the church website. But it did not have the full song. So I went and tried to edit it but it would not let me! :( Then I deleted it, then made a NEW one! So hope you enjoy it!
Well in the picture on the right are OLD\NEW bookmarks. On the left are NEW bookmarks! I wrote what they have writen on them because you really can't read it! :/ Sorry!
Here's A Shout Out:
Thank You! To Joyce Hopson! She ordered 5 "Sing to the Lord" bookmarks. But she didn't give me 5 dollars for them. SHE GAVE ME 20 DOLLARS!!!!!! She goes to Haiti a lot. My Mom works with her! Thank You! :)
-Leigha M.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

NEW Bookmarks 4 Haiti

Hello! It's Leigha! I have made NEW bookmarks 4 Haiti! Thanks to everybody for helping me! In the picture I bet you saw that there are 2 monkeys. I tried to get 1 of them out but it got both out! So I had to leave them both! A lot of my friends said they are going to try to sell things too with me! My friend Eliza is making bottle cap necklaces, my other friend Gracie is making coloring books, Saydee (Gracie's sister) is drawing pictures (She is really good at drawing), and Atalie (Eliza's sister) is making clay bowls or candle holders! Cool right? They are so sweet! Well I have had ideas in my head for bookmarks... So I colored the front and back of a notebook rainbow! I started writing down ideas (So I would not have them stuck in my head forever). Then I started counting them. When I was done I had..... 140 IDEAS!!! So get ready for more bookmarks! :) Thanks for everything!
-Leigha M.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Project for Haiti

Hello this is Leigha! I found a picture of the 2 orphaned children. It was $600.00 dollars to help them for a year. So it was $1,200.00 dollars! We raised the money. Well we raised MORE!

Keep in touch for new bookmarks 4 Haiti!

I have made ten more so they will be on the blog soon.

-Leigha :)