Friday, November 18, 2011

NEW bookmarks AND video! :)

I'm sorry I took the Video off! Well My pastor wanted it for the church website. But it did not have the full song. So I went and tried to edit it but it would not let me! :( Then I deleted it, then made a NEW one! So hope you enjoy it!
Well in the picture on the right are OLD\NEW bookmarks. On the left are NEW bookmarks! I wrote what they have writen on them because you really can't read it! :/ Sorry!
Here's A Shout Out:
Thank You! To Joyce Hopson! She ordered 5 "Sing to the Lord" bookmarks. But she didn't give me 5 dollars for them. SHE GAVE ME 20 DOLLARS!!!!!! She goes to Haiti a lot. My Mom works with her! Thank You! :)
-Leigha M.

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  1. No thanks necessary, Leigha. I KNOW a good product when I see it :-) Proud of your desire to help make a difference. Keep up the good work!


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