Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lots Of Catching Up To Do

Hey Guys,
     Long time, no see! How have you guys been? You've been missing me I bet! Well you're in luck because I'm giving you some news! I am a little less than $200 away from reaching my goal of $1,000! You guys are so awesome! I recently got a $100 donation! I'm so thankful for it! I'll be giving my money for Haiti tomorrow!

     I also have some new bracelets and bookmarks for you guys to see! I hope you guys like them! I'm trying so hard to make new bookmarks! It's just so hard to! I have school and lots of other things going on and bookmarks take a lot of time to make! I'm hoping once school dies down a bit I can maybe start making some.

     If you guys want to contact me about any bookmarks, bracelets, or suncatchers you would like to purchase or if you'd like for me to sell at an event, just email me at:  
     Again, thanks for purchasing things! I have the best costumers in the world! I'm not gonna lie! You guys are awesome! Thank you! 

Your Haiti Lover,
Leigha Mabe

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