Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hearts on Fire 2013

     This weekend you know where I went with my youth group? HEARTS ON FIRE! If you don't know what Hearts on Fire is, well it's a youth conference. This year is the 3rd year that I've went. If you would like like to know more about Hearts on Fire, just click on this little link
     At Hearts on Fire they always have 2 or more really famous bands that play. This year For King & Country and Tenth Avenue North played! Tenth Avenue North are one of my favorite bands! I had an amazing time! I loved everything! My cousins, Winter and Amity. actually got to come with me! I think this year was the best Hearts on Fire I've ever been to & I'm so thankful that I got to spend it with them! 
     There are so many pictures, but I only edited 6. So here are 6 photos from Hearts on Fire!

Here's a picture of all my roommates!

This is a picture of my cousin Amity (left), my cousin Winter (middle) and me (right)!

Your Haiti Lover,
Leigha Mabe

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