Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Paper Clip Bookmarks!!!

Kon'nichiwa (Hello),
    I wanted you guys to know that I have new paper clip bookmarks now!!!!(: I have already sold 3!!!
    I made $14 dollars on Sunday selling my little things!!!(: I will also be selling them May 5th!!!(:
    Thanks to all who have ever bought a bookmark, keychain, suncather, or paper clip bookmark, you have helped me to reach my goal... The one AMAZING goal that I thought that I would never reach.... My goal was to reach $500 dollars.... And this year I had over $400 dollars... So I looked at my little piggy bank to see how much was in there and I had... $82.79..(: I'm am so happy!!! I would have never made my goal if it wasn't for you guys helping me raise the money & God answering my prayers!!(:

                                 Hope you have an amazing week!!!
Your Haiti Lover,
Leigha Mabe



That is a picture of Sunday when I was selling my creations!!(:

My total amount of money in my piggy bank!!(:

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  1. I am SO proud of you! I know that you do not always get to see what God is doing and maybe there are times when you feel no one is paying attention. But I want you to know that I see your passion, effort, and love for the people of Haiti! God knows your heart. I love you!
    Love your mom....Linda


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